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#MyMomento Video Submission Contest

Submit your Momento M6 Dash Cam Video for a chance to win $500!

Every week, from April 15th through June 21st, 2019, we will be choosing one Momento M6 Dash Cam video a week to feature on the Momento Youtube Channel. If we select your video, we will send you a check for $500!

How the Contest Works

  1. Submit your video using this link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/hzXB3mdnXQewCYcPbH8E
  2. Complete the form below. You must complete the form below so that we can verify your eligibility for the #MyMomento Contest.
#MyMomento Contest Entry Form

Contest Rules

  1. You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  2. Video submissions must be recorded on a Momento M6 Dash Camera.
  3. One video entry will be selected per week from April 1st, 2019 through June 7th, 2019. Winner will be contacted via e-mail with a request to complete a Form W-9 for income reporting purposes. Upon completion, a check for $500 will be made out to the winner’s name.
  4. Multiple entries accepted. However, only one prize per individual.
  5. Firstech reserves the right to remove the video from consideration for the #MyMomento contest without further notice to you.
  6. By submitting your video content, you are giving Firstech permission to use your video content, in whole or in part of other Firstech materials without any further approval by you. You may request remove of your video by emailing [email protected] Upon consideration of your request, Firstech retains the right to accept or to deny the request to remove the video file from Firstech materials.
  7. Firstech acknowledges that you also share ownership ove ryour video file, and that you retain the right to repost, share, upload, and modify the submitted video file at your own discretion.

Weekly Winners

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